BASOTECT Melamine Foam and The Acoustics Company Online

In the pursuit of extraordinary interior acoustics, two pillars stand tall: BASOTECT Melamine Foam OR Mousse de mélamine and The Acoustics Company Online. As we delve into the realm of acoustic solutions, the union of BASOTECT’s innovative melamine foam and the design prowess of The Acoustics Company Online creates an ensemble that harmonizes aesthetics, functionality, and acoustical brilliance.

Mousse de mélamine: The Core of Acoustic Excellence

BASOTECT Melamine Foam, with its open-cell structure, emerges as the cornerstone of acoustic innovation. As a licensee of BASF, The Acoustics Company Online proudly incorporates BASOTECT melamine foam into its repertoire of acoustic solutions. This collaboration unfolds a symphony of benefits, from sound absorption to fire resistance and thermal insulation.

BASOTECT Forms for Creative Freedom

The diversity of BASOTECT melamine foam, available in circles, hexagons, and triangles of varying sizes, grants designers the creative freedom to mold acoustics with aesthetic finesse. Whether in its raw state or adorned with coatings, this lightweight foam seamlessly integrates into projects, offering both visual appeal and functional brilliance.

The Acoustics Company Online: Crafting Tomorrow’s Acoustic Spaces

Made in France Excellence

The Acoustics Company Online, based in France, prides itself on crafting acoustic solutions that transcend the ordinary. With a commitment to design-driven manufacturing, they turn unconventional ideas into reality, enriching spaces with exceptional acoustics.

Boosting Productivity and Well-being

Understanding the profound impact of acoustics on user productivity and well-being, The Acoustics Company Online addresses reverberation and echo issues. Their solutions not only enhance visual aesthetics but also contribute to the reduction of project costs, making acoustics an integral part of every design.

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Acoustic Services: A Comprehensive Approach

Site Investigation and Collaboration

Booking a site survey with The Acoustics Company Online is a crucial step in realizing your acoustic vision. By collaborating from the project’s inception, the acoustic solution seamlessly integrates into the interior design fabric, reducing overall project costs. The benefits of a site survey include acoustic reverberation reports, cost reduction, and collaborative acoustic design.

Product Design Expertise

The Acoustics Company Online offers a turnkey service for acoustic product design, from concept to manufacturing. Their diverse range of acoustic brands and materials allows for tailored solutions. The design team provides CAD, rendering, and technical drawing support, ensuring a fast turnaround for prototypes and material samples.

Desktop Reverb Reports for Informed Decisions

To aid in the selection of appropriate acoustic products, The Acoustics Company Online provides office reverberation reports. These reports estimate the reverberation time in indoor spaces, facilitating informed decisions on treatments and quotes. By following industry standards, they ensure the most suitable solution for each unique space.

Visualizing Acoustic Designs

Understanding the challenge of visualizing acoustic designs, The Acoustics Company Online offers in-house project renderings. This service allows clients to preview installations before implementation, ensuring that colors, products, quantities, and aesthetics align with their vision. For a more immersive experience, 3D images are also available.


In the synthesis of BASOTECT Melamine Foam and The Acoustics Company Online, we witness the creation of acoustic masterpieces. Mousse de mélamine, the silent hero, lends its versatility to elevate designs, while The Acoustics Company Online transforms these designs into reality. Together, they redefine the boundaries of acoustic excellence, creating spaces where aesthetics and functionality coalesce in perfect harmony. Embrace the collaborative symphony of BASOTECT and The Acoustics Company Online for a future where acoustics are not just heard but experienced.

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