Clash Royale Mystery Box: Everything You Need to Know!

Clash Royale Mystery Box is coming as the enigma of a reward system that’s coming with the latest update for the game in March 2024. The Clash Royale Mystery Box is going to replace the Silver Chest reward system, and it’s associated with daily tasks. For collecting the Clash Royale Mystery Box, players will be required to complete daily tasks (all three) in the game.

The Clash Royale Mystery Box rewards are much like the loot box concept that we have seen in many other games. Players can find various items in the Mystery Box, like Magic Books, a Book of Books, Evolution Wild Shards, and Gold. However, do not set your sights too high, as this is usually a show of modesty or region of origin, not a sign of wealth. This article sheds light on the Clash Royale mystery box and reveals what sorts of rewards are waiting for you or if you want to buy Gems Clash Royale first.

Clash Royale Mystery Box Rarities

The highest rarity found in Clash Royale Mystery Box products are four and they include Common, Epic, Rare, and Legendary. Common Clash Royale Mystery Box has the easiest level, with rate of 51.2% in-game. While the Rare Mystery Box has a 36.2% chance of being found by the players. The Epic Mystery Box may appear at a probability of 11.3%, while the most difficult one to find would be the Legendary Clash Royale Mystery Box, with a 1.5% chance of finding.

Clash Royale Mystery Box

There is an estimation that, on average, players will receive as Common Clash Royale Mystery Boxes every other day in Clash Royale. The Rare Mystery Box will be available for 3 days in a row: once every three days. The Epic Mystery Box will be accessible from each 9th and 10th day, and players will just have one chance over the entire 2 months to open the Legendary Mystery Box. If you are not the one who loves to wait until you open up the Mystery Box, then you can choose Clash Royale account for sale that already contain mystery box rewards. Consistency is the key. Finally, your chance of getting the Mythical valuable box in your first week couldn’t be more than passionate!

Clash Royale Mystery Box

Clash Royale Mystery Box Rewards

Now we have seen the possibilities of locating Mystery Boxes let us move on to that of the value of the Clash Royale Mystery Box Rewards. Never forget that you’ll not get all the prizes mentioned in the name of mystery box, you’ll get them one by one just after every discovery.

Common Clash Royale Mystery Box

  • 1,500 Gold
  • 10 Rare Wild Cards
  • 20 Common Wild Cards
  • 5 Epic Wild Cards

Rare Clash Royale Mystery Box

  • 1 Champion Wild Card
  • 1 Legendary Wild Card
  • 20 Epic Wild Cards
  • 200 Common Wild Cards
  • 50 Rare Wild Cards
  • 7,500 Gold

Epic Clash Royale Mystery Box

  • 1 Common Book
  • 1 Epic Book
  • 1 Evolution Wild Shard
  • 1 Rare Book
  • 3 Champion Wild Cards
  • 5 Legendary Wild Cards
  • 7,500 Elite Wild Cards

Legendary Clash Royale Mystery Box

  • 1 Book of Books
  • 1 Full Evolution
  • 1 Legendary Book
  • 50,000 Elite Wild Cards

Some of the Clash Royale Mystery Box Rewards are influenced by Arena Levels, and each of them is as worthy to find as the rarity of its box.

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